Duxbury: ‘Ambitious Watford don’t feel out of place’

Chief executive Scott Duxbury says Watford are a club with ambition and that they have every intention of hanging on to their prize assets.

Armed with the financial backing of the Pozzo family and their scouting network, Duxbury has driven a period of remarkable change at the club and with the stadium developing by the week, the team riding high in the Premier League and the balance sheet looking prosperous, the club has never been in ruder health. But they are not content to rest on their laurels and want to use their position of strength to push on, both in terms of infrastructure and player recruitment.


“What pleases me most about Watford is that this is a club that is continually devleoping, both on and off the pitch and that won’t stop,” Duxbury said in an interview on Gillette Soccer Special.

“We’ll continue to develop the stadium, the training ground and the team, and we will see where that takes us. We will continue to develop as a club. We will remain humble, we will remain focussed and we will see where we can get to. The work we have put in over the last three years has prepared us for the Premier League and we don’t feel out of place.”


Watford have already recalibrated their transfer targets and can afford to turn down any bids for their players in January. Atletico Madrid have this morning been linked with a £12m move for Odion Ighalo. Watford, we understand, value the 13-goal striker at least double that and have no intention whatsoever of selling him next month.

“If the club develops the team sees that and sees we are an ambitious club,” Duxbury said. “Players may leave to go to a bigger club, but I don’t want them to leave to go to a better club. What we do here we make sure we look after the players, ensure that they prosper and it is imperative that we continue to develop. I think you can see from the team spirit that then players like to be here, and we are developing the club so the players say ‘why would we want to leave’, so I am very confident that everyone here will want to be part of something special, not just this season but over the coming seasons.”