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Troy Deeney doesn’t mince his words after Watford are battered at St Mary’s

Troy Deeney expects a lively few training sessions before Monday’s game with Swansea City after admitting just about every one of the Watford team he captains didn’t turn up at Southampton last night.

Deeney was spitting mad throughout the game, unleashing his fury in particular on Jose Manuel Jurado for an awful pass across the middle of the pitch straight to Sadio Mane, and his frustration manifested itself in a meaty challenge on Oriol Romeu that earned the Watford skipper a booking. He was lucky the referee did not compound a dreadful night for the visitors by taking exception to the language Deeney used when questioning the yellow card. The striker was seriously ticking and it was a good job his post-match interview with the written press was not shown on TV as it would have taken some creative editing.


“I’m the captain and I’ll stand in front of you guys when we have played s*** and take the hit,” he said. “I am not going to try and gloss over the fact that we were crap. A lot of people just didn’t turn up today.

“It was one of those days where we had to just look at ourselves and not much had to be said, he [Quique] has said what he wanted to say and if he wants to tell you I will let him do that. I think we were lucky to get away with 2-0, massively. There is no hiding the fact. The only person that can come away with any credit from today is Gomes. He saved about five goals.


“I think we would like to have a game tomorrow to try and put it right, it will be a frustrating couple of days, but training will be high and I guarantee a few people are going to be kicked in training as well, so hopefully we can put a performance in on Monday that warrants our season so far on the Sky coverage. If we go to Swansea and win then everyone forgets this game, if we don’t then more questions to ask. It could be [a kick up the backside]. If we beat Swansea then everyone will be back to saying how great we are.”

The Swansea game now takes on greater significance for both sides. Swansea are in freefall and will be smarting following a 4-2 defeat at home to Sunderland while Watford have taken one point from their last four league games.

“No-one has mentioned us in relegation terms since the first month, so maybe today puts perspective on the fact the job is not done yet. So if we win Monday, then yes you could say this has been a kick up the arse. I have always maintained that success this season is staying up, and when we get to 40 points then success – well hopefully, it could be higher this season, but generally 40 points is the marker and that would be a great season for us. [There isn’t any concern]. We said this when we beat Villa, Sunderland, Liverpool and whoever, when we won four games there will come a time when we lose games. And that is when we need you guys to put some perspective on it. We lost to Man City in the last minutes when we were one nil up and to Spurs with an offside goal in the last minute, so this is the only game this season where we have been well beaten. A number of things didn’t go right, so hopefully it’s just one of those things. It’s a bad day at the office. We haven’t had one this season, so I hope that is the only one.”


Deeney demonstrated his unbreakable bond with the Watford fans by trudging all the way to the front row of the away section and giving away his shirt. He was quick to thank the supporters for their unwavering support and just as quick to leap to the defence of Sebastian Prödl when asked if it was the right decision to replace Craig Cathcart with him.

“Did we miss Craig? “No, because he was replaced by a full international who is going to the Euros. If you say we missed Craig it is a bit disrespectful to Seb. Craig and Britos had never played together before Stoke, so is not about people never playing together before.”

*Additional reporting by David Anderson