Troy Deeney: ‘One of the Watford players moaned about the pasta’

Troy Deeney has said one of his Watford teammates complained this season about the quality of the pasta.

“There was an incident very early on in the season when we had a player¬†complaining about the texture of the pasta,” Deeney said on talkSPORT this evening. “You are like: ‘Really?’ If that’s all we’ve got to moan about, whether the pasta is too soft or too hard – eight years ago I was playing for Chelmsley Town and we used to get changed in the car for some games.

“[We’ve gone to some grounds] and some have been: ‘This dressing room is small, there is only room for 40 people. You think: ‘Ah, ok.’ There are lots worse things to moan about. Sometimes it’s from people that have played for us. You think sometimes: ‘Seriously’.”