Confirmed: Quique Sanchez Flores to leave Watford

Watford have brought forward their decision to publicly announce that Quique Sanchez Flores will leave Watford in the summer.

The club said on Wednesday night that there was “a meeting arranged immediately at the end of the season to discuss continuing the project together” but the events of Wednesday night have seen those talks brought forward and the announcement has been made this morning.

“Yesterday we had a meeting with the club to make a reflection on the season,” said Sanchez Flores this morning. “After that I confirmed that the club and me don’t have the same point of view of the season. We don’t have the necessary reasons to extend the contract. My contract finishes at the end of June and then I will leave Watford. That is the consequence. I have to thank the players, they’ve made an amazing effort. I love the feeling of the Watford fans. I feel completely happy this year. I have enjoyed the experienced and I have a lot of reasons to be happy. I have enjoyed this journey.


“I have had a lot of reasons to be happy this season. The Watford fans have given me a lot of love and we have responded with hard work, focus, results and a lot of love. It will be really special, the final day with the Watford fans.”

“I’ve had to the chance to manage in the Premier League and belong to this Watford team. I feel free. I can take forward the experience I’ve learned this year. Everything is now possible. I am open to everything once the contract finishes at the end of June.”

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“I understand football completely. I have worked in football since I was 19, 33 years in football. So I completely understand everything. The most important thing is that in this moment I feel good as a person and happy as a manager. I am completely happy with the result and the season. It is necessary to look back, it’s a long season and 44 points for a team which is just promoted is really good. Our work is done. We are thinking everything is possible to improve but as the leader of the project, we’ve worked at the maximum level we can. The Watford fans have enjoyed.

“There are clubs, and I am not specifically talking about Watford, which have opened the doors to rumours and that is not good for the squad. Manuel Pellegrini has found that at Manchester City. The moment the players knew they had a new manager, the performance of the team was very difficult. It isn’t a good experience but it happens in football. I understand.”