Exclusive interview with injured Watford fan Nic Cruwys

Supporter Nic Cruwys, who was left for dead following an unprovoked attack following Watford’s game at Wolves last year, has spoken publicly for the first time about that fateful afternoon in March last year.

In an exclusive interview with WD Sport, Cruwys, 45, said, for some reason, he had an uneasy feeling about travelling to the Midlands that day but little did he know he would end up in a Birmingham Hospital that night in a critical condition, spend the next 18 days in a coma and around four months in hospital.

Watford v Reading 14/03/15 Championship Season 2014-15 Pic Alan Cozzi Watford's Daniel Pudil and Matej Vyda with banner for Hornets fan Nick Cruwys
Picture by Alan Cozzi / Nic Cruwys

“They told us that if his brain continued to swell then they would have to take him to theatre to try to lift the skull to alleviate the pressure,” said Jodie, his wife.“But then they said he was unlikely to make it. I remember feeling numb.”

Cruwys made it out of the woods, being transferred to Watford General Hospital once he was stable and then home to his wife and two children, Talia and Harley. The effects, however, had been long lasting. His short-term memory has been affected while the right side of his body has been dramatically weakened. He continues to have hours of physiotherapy, and an occupational therapist visits the family home several times a week. He still can’t write with his right hand, which frustrates him. And he hasn’t been able to drive or work since the attack.

Watford FC Season 2015-16 Premier Lge Pic Alan Cozzi Season 05/03/16 Watford v Leicester City Half Time Nick Cruwy
Nic and his son Harley on the Vicarage Road pitch. Picture by Alan Cozzi / Watford FC

“Everyone says to me that I look fine but they don’t really know what is going on up here in my head,” Nic told us.

The six defendants, accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, will stand trial in August. Nic wants to see the CCTV footage of the attack before the crown court date.

“I want to go up and see it,” Nic says. “It really, really bugs me that I don’t know what happened. It is one of those itches you get. I want to know. People don’t understand why I’d want to go all the way up to Wolverhampton to watch a 20-second video. But I hope that for me it brings me peace of mind. End of.”

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