Deeney: ‘I spoke to the ref at half-time but nothing changed’

Troy Deeney, one of six Watford players booked this afternoon, felt Watford didn’t get the rub of the green when it came to refereeing decisions.

“We feel the goals conceded we could have done better with them, but we felt that to play against Arsenal you have to be physically tough against them and we didn’t feel we got much help from the referee and he gave a lot of soft decisions this afternoon,” the captain said in an interview with Sky Sports. “We will take the positives of the second half more importantly.


“What I discussed at half time with the referee stays between me and him, but it didn’t really change much so, it doesn’t really matter. It is getting to the point now where it is pointless. We have a lot of referees meetings and things like that but if nothing is going to happen then what is the point, just leave them to it and is there any consequences for them? I don’t know. We say something and right or wrong we end up with fines or bans, what happens for the other people?”


Matt Le Tissier felt the referee, who has sent off John Eustace and Marco Motta in the past, made two big calls at both ends of the field.

“It could have been really nervy right towards the end, when Koscielny went up and the ball clipped his hand and went behind the goal,” he said. “The ref gave a goal kick, so must have thought it came off the defender’s head, but the replay showed it came off Koscielny’s hand, and, at 3-2, it could have really made a tasty few minutes.


“They probably felt the penalty was a bit soft, but looking at the replay, Amrabat barged in the back of Sanchez as he was about to take it on the head and I didn’t think there was too much to moan about. I guess there are things that go on on the pitch that we don’t get to see or hear about, like we have got here. So [Troy Deeney] he obviously feels there was cause to speak to the referee at half-time, but it wasn’t completely obvious to me.”