Mazzarri: ‘We need to change the mentality of this team’

Walter Mazzarri apologised to the fans for the humiliating EFL Cup exit at the hands of Gillingham tonight and feels he needs to work on the mentality of the squad.

“I’m sorry, especially for the fans,” said a visibly angry Mazzarri. “They don’t deserve to see us losing. They were very warm when they supported us. They are right [when they booed], they were upset and I accept what the fans say.”


Mazzarri, again speaking via a translator, feels Watford are experiencing a problem when they go ahead. They have led in every game they have played this season but only have a point to show for their efforts.

“Yes, I am very angry because we can’t see the danger,” he said. “The moment we go ahead we should carry on playing well. We just don’t see the danger. Instead of becoming strong, and working harder, we changed completely our attitude. Until the time they scored, we were ahead and in control. As soon as we go ahead, we completely changed the way we played. This is what I need to work, I need to change this mentality.”


Mazzarri doesn’t feel fitness is an issue, despite the fact the word from the camp is that the players are undercooked.

“It is possible that the players [who started] weren’t so fit but physically they went quite well,” he said. “Just mentally there was a change.”