Mazzarri: ‘Deeney was right to face the music and say his piece’

Walter Mazzarri said Troy Deeney said exactly what he was thinking when he lambasted the squad in the immediate aftermath of the anaemic showing at Burnley on Monday night.

Deeney was requested by Sky to front up on Monday Night Football and pulled no punches in his assessment, questioning the character of his teammates after they were “bullied” by Sean Dyche’s side in the 2-0 defeat. It didn’t go down well last season when Deeney threw Juan Carlos Paredes under the bus for his part in the flashpoint with Diego Costa at Vicarage Road, but here he had good grounds.


“If somebody goes to a press conference he has to say what they have seen,” said Mazzarri. “He [Deeney] has to say the truth. He probably heard my words at half time. He said the truth. He is like me: he is a loyal person and not afraid to say the truth. My principle is to teach my players not to create an alibi or an excuse. If my players say what we all thought in the dressing room then it’s ok. We didn’t play a very good game.”


Too right they didn’t. Mazzarri was loath to go into what exactly went wrong or precisely what he’s done this week but he’s made it very clear a repeat will not be tolerated.

“I spoke with them and said we don’t want this episode to ever happen again,” he said. “We worked the whole week to avoid the mistakes that happened at Burnley. When I work on the pitch, with the players, I’m a manager that believes not telling the press too much; I tell the player. I tell my players that when we go onto the pitch, we are responsible for our destiny. From now I want to know the Burnley game was just a [single] episode. It was not even the brother of the real Watford. I’m curious to see how we will react [against Bournemouth].”