Generous Troy Deeney splashes out on a new car for mum’s birthday

Troy Deeney continues to repay the unwavering support of his mother by buying her a car for her birthday.

The generous Watford captain already purchased his mum, Emma, the house the family grew up in, then another one in a more leafy spot near his nan and also a Mercedes ML. But he surprised her this morning with another Mercedes, this time a GLE Coupe that is the same colour as the Bentley he used to drive. Prices range from £61,00o to £97,000.




“That’s the pinnacle for me,” said Deeney in August when asked in a wide-ranging club interview about the relationship with his mum. “My mum worked three jobs at Christmas for three years for me, my brother and sister. That didn’t sit right with me. My mum wanted us to have the best but also wanted to show us you get nothing by sitting on your backside. We never had everything – but we had enough.”

Picture from Stacey Deeney’s Instagram account

Deeney earned around £5,000 a week when he first joined the club from Walsall and called his mum when he got his first Watford pay packet. “I was in the team hotel in Hatfield,” he said in an interview with The Sunday Times. “At quarter past midnight on pay day I got up, ran straight to the cash machine in the middle of town, put my card in and quite a few numbers came up. I was ‘Wooah’. I took a picture of it and sent it to my mum. ‘What do I do with this?’”


Deeney has seen his pay rocket since, to the extent where The Sunday Times claims he now earns £100,000 a week. He bought his wife a new Range Rover…



…and treated himself to a Lamborghini Hurricane in the summer, but it’s sharing his wealth with his mother than gives the striker the most satisfaction.


“I already bought the house we grew up in, so she [my mum] didn’t have a mortgage for that,” he continued in the club interview. “I got her a car but where we live in Chelmsley, there is a kind of grove where it’s one way in and one way out. There are like Fiestas and Focuses and my mum has got a big Mercedes ML in the middle of it. I just sat back and thought others might think, ‘Well, if Troy’s not around as he’s in London, I might take that car’. That was more stress so I was like, ‘Mum, it’s time to move now’.

Picture from Deeney’s Instagram page

“It took her a while but she’s out by my nan now and that’s better. They live out in the middle of nowhere; my mum’s happy and my nan’s happy. When you are able to buy your mum a house there is no greater feeling. I’m in a fortunate position where I can do what I want financially but I’ll always remember them days [when we weren’t quite so fortunate].”

Despite Deeney’s rise to fame and fortune, his mother still wears the £120 watch Deeney bought her when he was 17 as it was the first gift he says he ever bought her.