Walter Mazzarri still getting to grips with English language

Walter Mazzarri says he’s still not comfortable speaking English to the media but that communication with the Watford players does not present a problem.

Mazzarri has used interpreter Lorenzo Libutti in every media interview since he arrived at Watford, which has made it difficult for him to forge a relationship with the media and, in turn, the fans.

Pictures via @Watfordfc

“My English teacher says my English is very good but with you, the media, I don’t want to make any mistakes,” he said. “I want to avoid any confusion. With the players I don’t have any problems. I don’t have any problem to speak English in the dressing or in training. I have another translator at training and in the dressing room. I have fun with the team as they teach me English at the same time as I teach them Italian. We have fun.”


Mauricio Pochettino only spoke through an interpreter at Southampton but was asked by Tottenham to converse with the media, who are the link between the club and the fans, in the language of the country he works in.

“I can give you [the media] a much bigger, much broader answer [in Italian],” said Mazzarri. “In English I could given you only two or three words. I think for me to be able to answer in the best possible way to you journalists, to give you a decent answer, as a way of respect, it is better for my relationship [that I speak in Italian] so you get to know me. To be able to speak in English, as the translator will tell you, you would need to live in the UK for three or four years.”