WD Sport is the new home for anything and everything in Watford and the surrounding towns and villages. If it’s happening on a sporting field, hall, pitch or court then we’ll know about it. With an ever increasing audience, this is the ideal place to advertise your product, service, app or website.

Our advertising planners can give your adverts full exclusivity, so you don’t have to fight your competition for the limelight. Site exclusivity is available in 14 and 30 day blocks.

WD Sport have a variety of advertising options for you to promote your business, products, services and events on our site. The companies who have used us have been very pleased with the readership engagement and response levels from their adverts.

We are happy to speak to you about any campaigns you are interested in running, including designing adverts or advising on what may work well for you on our site, and offer the complete package. We are able to accommodate static or animated adverts, along with hyperlinks and video adverts. Our follow-up service will show you the results of your campaign and report how many people have seen your advert, and how many have them engaged with you.

Contact us to request a media pack or discuss your requirements.




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